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Ormus Monoatomic Gold


The lost science of ancient Egypt in the process of rediscovery!


Ormus is  super conducting free spinning monoatomic elements. Everything that is made of the world around us, are atoms that have bonded in such a way as we see on the periodic table. When those bonds are broken they become free spinning and are essentially atoms without a command. When they are taken into the body they work at the atomic level with your dna to help restore your body to its orginal healthy condition. It behaves as second immune system as it protects your own and once consumed will make bonds in such a way, to take care of any kind of chemical or hormonal imbalances, in order for the body to thrive in its natural state.


ORMUS is also known as o.r.m.e. (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements), white powder gold, m-state elements and monoatomic gold. It is the same substance that the ancients referred to as manna, shewbread, ch'i, prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth. Ormus can be extracted in many ways from many materials. At E.S Alchemy we use the wet method which is extracted from dead sea salts. Other than health benefits, Ormus researchers have also observed many different elements when it come to Ormus including levitation, superconductivity, agricultural, biological and psychic effects. I have no doubt that these materials are going to change every aspect of human life and possibly be the greatest scientific discovery in human history.


Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, also known as ORMEs and the terms ORMUS and M-state materials, exist naturally. They are trapped in the molecular structure of plants and in certain rich volcanic soil, and are abundant in the oceans of our planet. When Earth’s soils were washed into the oceans millions of years ago, the seawaters became full of powerful minerals. We found the most of these beneficial minerals in the dead sea. Salts from the dead sea is used by E.S Alchemy to assure the highest amount and quality of free spinning elements are available.


As Ormus is a superconductor, it is very sensitive to the energies that surround it and is also effective in correcting abnormalities that may have been caused by unfriendly energies in the surrounding area, weather it be from computers, cell phone towers or other. Because of its high superconductivity it allows for clearer cell to cell communication with no net loss of energy. The minerals also have an alkalising effect on the body which protects against cancer and other illnesses. All the Ormus created by E.S Alchemy is charged by the most powerful of orgonite and bio energy to ensure its great quality. The Orgonite we use is supported also by a superconductor and are about 10x's more powerful than most Orgonite pieces you may find online today. All of our Ormus is created and delivered in glass containers and preserved in foil when sent in the post to minimise any contaminations or outside influences.


I began making Ormus because I was looking for the ultimate supplement to take care of my family and was tired of the different numbers of vitamins and minerals i had to constantly look out for. I needed an all in one. I began looking at the likes of colloidal silver and eventually came across monoatomic gold. When i went to purchase it, I realised there was no one in the United Kingdom who was selling this ormus and to purchase it from America would have cost too much in postage and packaging. I didnt have a lot of money and it seemed like it would be an expensive supplement to begin taking. I eventually became interested in the process because i had to know what was so special about it. I decided to learn to create it myself. It took me a while to get it right, but when i did i never looked back because it changed my life.


So now i want to share this amazing product and at the super low price of £49.99 including P&P. You will not get this anywhere else in the UK of this guaranteed quality or price. Also open to bartering. Get in touch for more details!!


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