About Elizabeth Seninde


Elizabeth Seninde is a Homeopathic Degree student studying at The Middlesex University in partnership with The Centre of Homeopathic Education. She heralds from the Buganda Kingdom and is mostly known for Producing and hosting The People's Health show broadcasted on The People's Voice in 2014.

"I was born in the hot summer sun of East Africa. My Dad was studying in London so we eventually came over to join him when i was 3 years old. When i arrived i only spoke Swahili, but in time me and my sisters quickly picked up English and i have pretty much only really have memories of the airport when we arrived, but not much memory of my time in Africa.

My parents love to dance. My mum would do her sweet african moves and teach us the traditional moves. My dad also would dance and he also had traditional moves as well as both loving 80's music. My dad would always make us laugh when he would dance for us and do all the popular moves in a way that would overjoy us. I loved to dance from a really young age and dance would be one of the most important aids in my life that would teach me about energy and frequency.

I did a lot of performing arts growing up and i enjoyed it very much because it alowed me to communicate in ways that words could not express in order to tell a story or portray an emotion. I was sure i would be a dancer when i grew up as it was performing that i would get to share my inner world and take people on a journey that i thought would be important to hear. Along side performing, i also enjoyed to write stories which were very much enjoyed by friends and family.


I found out later that my sensitivity and passion for working with the energy around me and my ability to create energy within me and transmute it would be an essential aid when I later came to discover, work with and practice Alchemy.

A big part of my adult life has been spent practicing and reaserching Alchemy. I had many questions about the universe as a child which the church could not answer. I also had my very own paranormal experiences starting from the age of 12 which equally couldnt be explained by science. When my son was born, the subject of health was bought to my attention and the search for the ultimate super supplement began. Soon after i found myself working well with and thriving in Alchemy as if it was something I had done for lifetimes. When I found out how far back the practice of Alchemy goes I was not suprised that most of modern day science and chemistry came from the practice and Research of Alchemists from ancient days. Alchemy became my bridge between Science and Spirituality.

Once Ormus found me, I never looked back. Neither me or any one in my family has had to visit the GP for any common illnesses since. Including the family dog.


In current day research I am very attracted to studies of tissue, muscle, bone and enamel regeneration. I am also very interested in the effects that radiations and EMF's have on the body and how the effects can be prevented and reversed. Along side this comes research into PTSD as it is something i suffered with for a few years after having a HG pregnancy which kept me in the hospital often.


Much of the research, experimentation and areas of study I am interested in today has been as a result of my experience and research with Ormus and its functions. It wasn't long before I found out about the Alchemists methods of taking a crude substance and amplifying its energy and began doing the same to Ormus with favorable results. It was this method of working with the energy rather than the crude substance that eventually lead me to the study of the Homeopathic Sciences. I believe that the body has everything it needs to protect itself from any kind of disease or illness provided it is able to function at 100% of its biological capacity. Here at E.S Alchemy our aim is to get to the body back to its original healthy state where it can go on to defend itself from the different toxins, radiations and pollution's we are exposed to on a daily basis.


When my anxiety was finally cured after first taking Ormus, I realized there was a vast difference in how I was thinking and the daily thoughts that would flood my mind and my general mood and stress levels were much more relaxed. Soon after symptoms of IBS and panick attacks literally just vanished along side with my PTSD. It is my passion to continue research in areas as such as I believe in our day and age we are coming ever closer in finding new more effective ways to treat the body without having to become dependent on medicine or having to deal with nasty side effects."