Donations to E.S Alchemy


Here at E.S Alchemy we aim to conduct experiments and raise awareness of the benefits and proporties of Ormus as well as Orgonite. All the profits made here at E.S Alchemy go towards educating the public on this matter that has been a rich part of humanity for so long. However without support, donations and sponsorship we are limited with how far and fast we can take this research. Any donations big or small would be very much appreciated, but ofcourse you can also buy Ormus and benefit instantly from helping us here at E.S Alchemy to take our work further and public. EMF's, dietary problems, natural plant enhancing, mental health, hormonal inbalances, lack of energy, chemtrails, radiation, imunity deficiencies and much more can all be prevented, reversed and controled with the use of superconductive elements and bio-energy. Below is a list of facilities that we need to continue going forward with our research.



HXR-MC2000E Sony HD Camcorder


In need of a HD camcorder in order to film upcoming trials for evidence of the effects and benefits of Ormus for animal and plant life. In addition if you would like to donate a camera for use please do get in touch by emailing





Laptop with camera


Also in need of a laptop for use at a lab in order to stream a livestream of lab experiments to keep viewing updated to the minute of our progress in on a daily basis. A donated laptop or donations in money are very welcome.

Access to lab and facilities


Here at E.S Alchemy we need FDA approved laboratory space and facilities in order to effectively carry out trials with both Ormus and Orgonite on health and environmental benefits. The London BioScience Innovation Centre offers approved lab space, facilities and much more for the price of £600 plus VAT for the first six months and £150 plus VAT per month there after. Any kind of donation or sponsorship towards this would be very much appreciated. In addition if you have a lab space and facilities in London you would like to offer for these experiments please get in touch.


Your time and support
There is no better donation that can be given here at E.S Alchemy than your time and support. Please help share this information to as many as you can to spread the benefits of Ormus Monoatomic Gold. Even if you can not give a financial donation letting others know of the possibilites we can achieve here would be ever so helpful. Many new technologies can come from the use of superconductive elements and bio-energy as demonstrated by geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Edward Ledskalnin before us. Together we can make the shift in health and in team effort to get us all to where we need to be as well as caring for the planet and environment.


For your donations and support.


We look forward in bringing forth ground breaking research and sharing it with you all. We have no doubt that soon there will be a big change in the way that health is approached and there is evidence everywhere to support this. Any cheques written make payable to Miss Elizabeth Seninde. We require a total of just £3000 to keep this research going for a year. I have no doubt we will accomplish much in this space of time.