Video Gallery


Welcome to the video gallery. On this page you will find some videos in relation to Alchemy where we discuss the benefits of both Ormus and Orgonite as well as other subjects of health topics. Check out episodes of The People's Health to learn more about your health and what you can do to take care of your biological vessel.

The People's Health -

Urine Therapy

Elizabeth Seninde is joined by "Allegedly Known As Dave" to talk about the health and reconstructive benefits of distilled water and urine intake

The People's Health - Alzeimers

In this interview Elizabeth talks with Maggie Tourelle about Alzeimers and ways in which we can deal with it effectively and turn something unfortunate into something special.

The People's Health - Stem Cell Technology

Elizabeth Seninde joined by Christian Drapeau who discusses the benefits of stem cell technology.

The People's Health - Natural Healing

Elizabeth Seninde Interviews Toni Ljubisa from the Rmarchuk clinic in Bosnia ad explains how people can heal themselfs naturally without any kind of medicine.

The People's Health - Orgonite

Karin and Richard join Elizabeth on the show to giscuss orgonite 'bio energy' and its benefits not only for people but against radiation.

The People's Health - Hypnptherapy

David Ward BSc, Hypnotherapist, goes into detail on the functions of ones mind in a trance state.