Raisel Retreat Ticket

Raisel Retreat Ticket

This purchase includes 1 ticket for the Raisel Retreat where accommodation includes a single bed, or sofa bed in a shared room at the Elizabet House and a bed in a shared tent at the 2 day desert camp. Prices include food, transport and entrance fee's to National Parks and tours.Plz send an email to ormuscure@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself before making the purchase. We look forward to hearing from you.E.S Alchemy.
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    This listing is for 1 200ml bottle of Ormus and goes for the price of £33 which includes postage, packaging and tax.

    Store in a cool dry place, away from electrical appliances preferrably by favorite crystals or orgonite.
    Take one tablespoon daily by itself or added to water.
    Add a tablespoon to 2 litres of water for plants.
    Also great for pets.
    Can last up to a month on recommended dose.



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