Raisel Retreat Private Room Ticket

Raisel Retreat Private Room Ticket

This purchase includes 1 ticket for the Raisel Retreat where accommodation includes a king sized bed in a private room at the Elizabet House and a bed in a tent at the 2 day desert camp given priority if private tents are available. Prices include food, transport and entrance fee's to National Parks and tours.
Price does not include flights.
Plz send an email to ormuscure@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself before making the purchase. 
We look forward to hearing from you.
E.S Alchemy.
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    This listing is for 3 200ml bottle of Ormus and goes for the price of £73.00 which includes postage, packaging and tax.

    Store in a cool dry place, away from electrical appliances preferrably by favorite crystals or orgonite.
    Take one tablespoon daily by itself or added to water.
    Add a tablespoon to 2 litres of water for plants.
    Also great for pets.
    Can last up to a month on recommended dose.



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