A Great Relationship

One of the things that rub me the wrong way, is this endless concept of finding the perfect man or woman to be in a relationship with. Get over it, the perfect man and woman does not exist. We are humans not angels.

When you find yourself in a reationship you must remember first and foremost the person you are dating is a soul in a human body who was once an innocent baby and had to navigate their way though life just like you. A human needs to make mistakes to recognise who they really are. Mistakes are the biggest learning curves in our lifes and we all have them.

Mistakes are healthy and the most important learning experiences because if you cant except your partner when they make the most epic of mistakes, then you dont deserve them when they make their most epic successes.

When you agree to have a relationship of any kind, its an agreement to experience and grow together in this world in a loving partnership, not another attempt at posession which is what most relationships these days seem to be about. If you are in a reltionship because you expect your partner to become the perfect role of what society says that person should be, then you are in the relationship for the wrong reasons, because when u kick them out the moment they do not play well to these roles, it only goes to show you were never inlove with that person, but you were inlove with your idea of what that person could be under your influence and control.

There is no perfect relationship. Perfection is the enemy of greatness. And what did you think you were doing trying to find happiness in some one else in the first place? Do you know how harsh we are on the people we say we love the most. Happiness comes from within, that way the grass is never greener on the other side.

If you want to have a great relationship, love the soul before the role.


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