A different perspective on political correctness and not discriminating disabled people.


Shane and i were watching a comedy the other night and this comedian was making fun of the award winning south african athlete with the prosthetic legs who shot his girlfreind. The story was that he shot his girlfriend because they were having an argument and she said he wasnt a whole man so he shot her, but that was after he dragged himself across the room and attached his legs. Ofcourse the re enactment was hilarious!

Now my patner Shane had his hand over his mouth shaking his head in some sort of disapproval and i was in hysterics the whole time. I must say it troubles me to think that people with disabilities and mental issues should not be the brunt of a joke because they are 'disabled' and its discriminating. I have to disagree!

You are asking me to discriminate against 'disabled' people if i can joke about everyone else except them, especially when the majority of the human population is able to be manipulated mentally to the extreme extent to willingly ripping apart our own environment. I had an injury and had to use a walking stick. No one wanted to make eye contact with me, no one wanted to look because I suppose its rude to stare. People passed me like i didnt even exist. That upset me because now it felt like i was no longer a part of humanity, i just wanted some one, anyone, to ask me about the stick or make a joke about my limp so we could all laugh and move on and people could see that I was still human.

Most people think they are being politically correct, but really they are only aiding in showing some one with a disability that they are not equal because of the simple fact that we cant discuss or make light of whats in our face. Many disabled people would rather have u just walk up to them and ask them straight up 'whats up with that?' than be ignored and avoided. Most times, when something unfortunate happens its better to laugh about it than cry about it. It makes life easier and it leaves no one behind. Nothin has happened to a person with disability that hasnt happened to a person before. They are not 'special' A disability only becomes a 'disability' if treated like one. If we look at them more like personality traits and began caring instead of ignoring, we would have more people with disabilities in the work place and so forth. The guy with 1 leg that pulls pranks like hopping out the ocean on a packed beach shouting 'shark' would be my best friend. That is a person that has a good approach to life, which more people shud have. When Vince Macmahon of WWE did the show where he beat up the 1 legged wrestler, many people were furious, but the 1 legged wrestlers dreams were made that day!! Vince gave him a stage where as everyone else just ignores him. Why should we continue to encourage a victim mentality to people with disabilities, no we shouldnt. I know most people would rather not discuss such a topic, but today i felt this should be mentioned.

The most famous and succesful people with disabilities are those that are able to make light of their situation and use it to their advantage. They make people feel ok with their disability and not bad about it when they look at them. Who wants to feel bad? Thus bringing more awareness to it also, which educates people. Most 'abled' people can't even make light of their own lives even tho they have all their limbs and reasoning capabilities. Its good to laugh. Laugh whenever you can, at yourself and at others when appropriate lool. There is an acceptance in laughter that misery and political correctness just cant bring.

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