Transmuting negative emotions.


Do not be angry at your anger or frustrated with your frustrations.

If everything is energy and frequency, how much energy do you think you accumulate in your body with such emotions?

Many people react off the emotions or suppress them until they burst out one day or effects their health. There is a difference between reacting and acting. When you feel incredibly emotional in the 'negative' sense you have accumulated enough energy in your body to either get smarter and step up your game and use that energy in the interest of everyone around you, or it will be used against yourself and you will be consumed by your own anger and frustrations. Your emotions are your magic wands. Learn how to use them to empower you and you will become powerful. Therefore any obstacle that can ever come your way can only assist you in becoming more conscious and less fearful and more powerful.

If you can process your 'negative' emotions you will without a doubt begin to remember who you really are and will begin to come in line with your truer self. Your higher self. Your God self. These emotions are no longer negative but become a positive teacher and duality begins to fall away. You then become a true co-creator in charge of your reality, abound with miracles and a vessel, a channel for universal consciousness and wisdom. You are free. You remember who you are. Infinite!!!!!


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