Why I Am Passionate About Alchemy


Why am i so passionate about Alchemy?

Growing up, I didnt find it easy coping with the ways of the world. I often told my mum that I made a mistake coming here, that i was born on the 'wrong planet'. I went to church every week and was taught that God knew us all before we were born. I began to ask how could God make such a mistake and leave me here with no one like me. I didnt understand people or the ways of the world. Depression hit me many times as i tried in vain to navigate my way through the density of reality. My dreams were never dense. I had most things a girl could ask for, but it wasnt enough. Surely there was more to live than this? I tried to understand the heavens and i tried to understand myself, thinking of myself as a born sinner made me resent God in a way. How could he make mistakes of such epic proportions and then blame us for it? When i learned about Alchemy and was able to start taking Ormus, my life changed in ways i couldnt expect. I was able to change the lense through which i saw the world. I felt like God had finally given me his lense so I would no longer need an explanation, but could begin seeing for myself. If it wasnt for my family and friends there is nothing that would stop me from moving into the mountains somewhere and isolating myself from society till i died, but i also realised that there was really no point in existence if you could not help one another with the things you'd learned and bless others with your own blessings. So as much as id like to stay in the spirit and in the clouds, my family and friends are able to keep me grounded in a way that i do not loose what im here for, which is the human experience. Coming down from the clouds I was able to see the bigger picture and i understood that all was as it should be. In Alchemy there is a saying 'as above so below' Well i have my own saying which is similar to this which is 'as outside you so within you' as i learnt that what was going on in my day to day activity was a reflection of what was going on inside. Alchemy allowed me to move away from religeon, guru's and self help books and find that heaven that was always within, that had always been with me, that is with all of us. Alchemy allowed me to understand myself and with understanding myself i came closer to understanding God and my reality. Initially i thought i could just 'find myself' and from there everything would be alright, but i was reminded that the only constant that exists is change. We are ever evolving and everyday i am ever getting to know myself and understand more of what it means to be human, concious and what it means to be God. Walking this journey of everlasting discovery rather than the dead end search i was stuck in before is the gift that I want to give to others while I am still present on this planet. Being able to see every day things and situations as magical moments and hidden lessons waiting to be unlocked is the best remedy I could offer any-one. To truly be able to live in the moment and not be blind to the miracle which is life. Many times in the past i would avoid that dark place and look for any temporary high, whether it was through relationships, narcotics or social status, but eventually I would end up in the dark place, consumed by the darkness not able to see a way out. Now I am able to embrace that dark place and learn from it and even transmute it into something powerful and beneficial rather than dwell in it, and it has been a bigger blessing than I could ever know. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Perhaps i can't tell you how to get there, but I know i can aid in helping you find your own way there by giving you the 'key' that the ancients worshipped so much. That 'key' is simply raising your own veil and Ormus, Manna The Elixir of Life can most certainly help you do that. So if you find yourself saying 'there has to me more to life than this' then get in touch and try Ormus to open your eyes and the gate to the infinite in which we exist in.

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