As Above So Below, (as outside you so within you)

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I scared myself today thinking of the 7 billion bodies on this planet posessed by the 7 billion souls. Walking on the surface of a round planet that just floats in nothingness. Its friggin weird!! Sometimes I feel like a ghost and not like myself. Then I have to ask, who is myself? What exactly is Elizabeth Seninde. I think its just a name we gave to an experience. We were all spiritual vampires at one point where we had to hijack some womens body and feed off her vessel for 9 months in order to come through her womb stargate in a physical vehicle that we could use to better suit this experience the woman, your mother decided to name.

We live in a haunted planet, in my eyes everything is supernatural including gravity and you and me. What we see is the face, the play out of the experience, but I feel like half of me lives behind the scenes too. I feel so fascinated with what im not right now...perhaps it's the 1 soul possesing 7 billion bodies? Maybe we are soul fragments of the 1 Earth soul, which is a fragment of the sun soul, which is a fragment of the galactic soul? So there are fragments of my soul in my cells? Which have fragments of their souls in the atoms? Which are inevitably the fragments of all that is. So these earthly experiences seem to be break down of universal conciousness. Just how connected are we and what is there to learn in this fragmented experience as a human? Also how do we connect to the other fragments in order to access the universal conciousness? Should we look back in time at evolution or forward at possible advanced extr-interesting life? Should we look up into space with our telescopes or should we venture down into our dishes with microscopes? What do we learn when we look up? Well first there is a lot of space, so much space infact that we have to measure in light years. We have black wholes that seem to suck matter from our physical universe into knowhere or atleast another universe we can't see. I prefere the latter because thinking they go into nothingness is pretty much impossible. Well can you imagine nothingness? When you try to most of us will imagine a black void, but thats still something. Its black and its a void, so I see more sense in concluding that it is transmuted into another universe we can not see or measure. We all also have the example of the big bang where we have the example of something, alot of something coming from absolutely nothing, so black holes and the big bang can easily be seen as 2 sides of the same coin or infact the same thing. The before and after. When we look up we also see alot of objects. A lot of round objects, spiral type of structures that support themselfs in what seems like nothingness but science has described as gravity. These objects, we call Stars, planets, galaxies, quazars meteors and space junk, but they all seem to behave in a very similar way in that they all have circular motion, strive to become circular and are attracted to eachother with gravity. So what about the nothingness? Turns out 99% of space is completely unknown to science and they call it dark matter. There is not alot that can be said about dark energy except there is a lot of it. So let's take a look in the other direction and contemplate the atom. It also has orbiting structures called protons and electrons that rotate in a circular direction that is largly supported by dark matter, which can also be describes as nothingness. So when I look within my physical self and find that at the core level even scientifically I am mostly nothingness or dark matter, it allows me to see that feeling like a ghost or not feeling interely myself as a physical being is largely more accurate than inacurrate. 99% accurate according to science. Ok well that leaves me in a funny place, coz so far we know absolutely nothing about dark matter or the nothingness that is surrounds everything that ever existed. So we have found out that as above so below and as I like to say as outside you so within you . So what happens within? What happens in the mind and in the body that canot be measured by science? Every day when the sun goes down our bodies do this thing like a battery where it needs to be recharged so we sleep. Isnt it funny how the sun casts a spell on us every day when it hides around the corner we feel the need to collapse and preserve our bodies? Every night, or most nights we lay down and close our eyes and shut off to the wordly experience around us. What happens then? Dreams, we dream. What do we dream about? I guess it depends on who's dreaming. Scientists know we dream. It is a fact that every-one will experience this thing called dreaming in their lifetime, but if it can't be measured how can we really say that dreaming happens? We can only take eachothers words for it I guess and relate it to our own experience. Scientists can measure activity that is going on in the brain when we dream, but a person can never bring a physical dream into the physical world and show it as evidence like a movie. We can also say the same for thoughts and if they are ever replicated in our reality its creative and art, but then it becomes real. Then it becomes measurable. Something that was first un measurable became measurable because a thought that came from seemingly nothingness was brought into this world through the minds of men and women. Something coming from nothing, an idea sucked out of the thought world into reality, it makes me thing again of black holes. That our minds can be like big bangs that bring forth creations. So maybe if we are able to put dreams and thoughts initially in the nothingness in the unknown before they become words, art creation in the real world, we can see that the real world and what happens in it is largely created by the nothingness or the dark matter that can not be measured but can be sensed, like feeling, emotions inspiration. Just like in the universe, the galaxies are all largely surrounded and held together by the unknown the dark matter which allows them to be. And it looks like we bring forth the unknown through our minds and our relationships to our thoughts. Does it stop at just creativity? No, how we see the world is largely determined by our thoughts which create our lives. How many people do our thoughts affect? Well we all know how a chain reaction happens and how one person doing an action can cause many to react and we also know about the 100th monkey effect. If our thoughts can not only affect the people directly near us as well as affect people that are miles away and have no contact with us perhaps it means we dont need to find a way to connect to universal conciousness, because it seems that we are more connected to the universal conciousness than we are the the human experience. We don't have to try because we are already connected. Why don't we feel connected most of the time? Is it because we rely on science to explain to us what is real and relevant even though they can only understand scientifically 1% of all that is? Is it because we have moved so far from being familiar with the unseen and perhaps demonised it that we are afraid mostly of what we truly are? Is it that we find the physical measurable world more fascinating? Well if we didnt would we be having this experience, this human experience? We all like fantasy. We all like a good story. We applaud the good guys as well as the bad guys when the curtains go down for playing their roles so well.

To put it simply, I think its because Earth puts on a great show. We all like a good show and we all play our roles well. It seems like we have all of eternity to experience, why not play hero's and villains for a little while. What do we have to loose? The 1% that we borrowed?

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