Let's Go To Rehab


It is quite evident that the human race would rather self destruct than save itself. We have come a long way in technology and science, but still we can not get to grips with our own demise. There are those that seek to control and those that seek to be controled and there is such a thing as leadership qualities, but if the leaders are leading an intelligent evolved group of people, there is so much more opportunity for bigger and better opportunity. With an evolved group of people, we don't have to think about population control or rashens or war. With intelligent people we can think about expansion and creations greater than our wildest dreams. By limiting the people the leaders limit themselfs. By killing the people they kill themselves.

Our best interest as a human species is to preserve the human race, to preserve as many of us as possible and to preserve as many different types of human as possible should conditions change and there is a type of human more likely to survive. No one has to die off, everyone will breed into the species more likely to survive and there will only be more of us than there were before. Wouldn't you rather have more of a species that's more likely to survive than less of a species that is more likely to die off? Hasn't nature made it that all humans can interbreed with no birth defects? So if there are those that still want to discriminate against race, sexual orientation or gender, they end up stifling their own growth and prevent themselfs from taking part in the expansion by default.

The human is the greatest science discovery of all time, but we are too busy living the experience and focusing on social dynamics to be able to see this. We have a goldmine, the most creative lifespan in all of nature and it doesn't make you wonder as to what we could achieve with it? If the people are not very intelligent then the leaders are not and should reconsider what they are looking for in their chosen occupation. Greed is a never ending hamster wheel where you will never reach your destination. Besides if more is what is wanted wouldn't it be a smart move to allow the people being lead to produce you more intelligent smarter toys to work with?

The human race can present the best when functioning at 100% of its capability, but leadership has made it crippled and then the people are lead to believe that crippled is the way to go. Yet look how much we have accomplished as a crippled species. The sky should not be the limit! What are we afraid of? We are self destructing anyway, so what is scarier than death? We scream revolution but how much do we embrace change? How do we rid the human race of this addiction of this illness? Well some say that one has to hit rock bottom before turning things around. If more power is what the government wanted, working towards healing our humanity would give them more power. When the weakest of humanity is pretty darn strong then the strong become powerful. I don't know that weaning the species off the global addiction would help. I think humanity needs to go cold turkey, if we relapse then at least we made the effort and can try again from a better condition than before. Why don't we catch the withdrawal symptoms on the news and share links of those on social media instead of war? Why dont we sell oil to people that are taking the shuttle to the moon to expand the human race rather than for cars? See what I am proposing here is that we can keep the oil businesses and the millitary, its just evidently time to think bigger. Aim higher, maybe one day we can buy shares in the methane lakes on moon Titan.The millitary could alter their metal wear to equipment for building or transport on other moons and planets...

I have a tone of suggestions if the ability to dream big is crippled, but my point is if the poor live like rich men, could you imagine what it would be like to be the leader of such a nation? Right now as a human race our vital sighns are not looking good. Its fucking embarrassing to put it frankly!

Let's take a break before we bottom out. Let's go to rehab

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