An Unorthodox Venture into Body and Mind

In Chi Movement and Alchemy we come together to rediscover the instruments that are our bodies to find out what they are fully capable of.

All that we believe we are, our names, our occupations, our genders and everything we have learned about ourselfs and the environment around us are left at the door and we go back to the basics, which is our body, energy and the power of our minds. We find our excorcise equipment and our personal trainers in our minds and we work with them with no judgment of self and others to fully unleash the energies that lie within.

All movement has a story. The way we stand and walk tell alot about our emotions and personalities. So now we give our bodies an opportunity to tell their stories by allowing them to move in various ways. We allow our limbs to come alive because allowing them to move freely also helps to release any stagnant energy. Our limbs also become grateful with such attention and in turn treat us well.Our bodies are alive in their own right and we shed ego and identity as they can and often do cause energy blocks.

In Chi movement and Alchemy we create a sacred space and allow our 5 senses to come alive as we become our best teachers harnessing skills and tools that will not only serve us well in day to day life, but also in dream time and after we shed our mortal coil.

For an hour time stops, we step into our own sacred pocket and environment that is sustained by our minds.

In the hour session we will do free movement as well as some choreographed movement. We will find that intelligent energy has a sense of humour so although we will learn tremendous things about ourselfs, we also wont be taking ourselfs too seriously allowing our bodies the freedom to speak with no bands placed in order to get a communication going and become comfortable working with energy. The most important thing is to take this time to enjoy our bodies.

We will look into creating and interacting with elements, as well as delving into and studying more about the energy that is emotion. Here we are all teachers as well as students. We share information and thought so collectively we can grow in various ways. Here movement is our language as words captivate little meaning as we take an unorthodox venture into the body and mind.

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