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Raisel Retreat a retreat for healing, intergration and transcendance with the focus on the study of Angelomorphisism provides a time and space for individuals seeking growth, family, truth and to understand more and contribute towards a new world and state of being.

At the Raisel Retreats we use a combination of Homeopathy, Native Reki Massage and focus on creating harmony within ourselves by becoming acquinted with our emotions in unique ways through powerful techniques, celebrating all our emotions and creating internal gifts for them. For its when the relationship with ourselves improve that we can have great relationships with others and can begin to properly manage them rather than being anchored by them.

Some of the places we will be visiting on our field trips at the Raisel Retreat include Tel Arad, Ein Gedi, Masada and The Dead Sea, as well as the old City of Jerusalem!! ☺️👏👍

During our stay in Tel Aviv we will also be visiting the old city of Jerusalem where a tour guide will inform us of it's magnificent history and we get to walk in the footsteps of some of the most well known historic figures and empires, like King Solomon, King David and the Ottoman Empire.

We are seeking to attract researchers from all backgrounds and all religions who feel that they may have something to contribute to the study of Angelomorphism. All Faith's and non Faith's are welcome, provided one is willing to contribute to the objective research at hand. We are also seeking people of a clairvoyant nature, perhaps an ability in mediumship as we visit some of the very ancient sites to get a good reading on the surrounding area. All the research we gather, we continue to build upon. We are also seeking historians, archeologists, theologians, students and teachers of the quantum physics field. 

Part of our research will include living the Essenian lifestyle, practicing their rituals and teachings and practicing and documenting our study of Angeology which is the study of the transcended human, because not only did the Essenes believe it was possible, but they achieved this regularly.

Part of the retreat will be spent at a desert camp where we will get to eat, live and practice rituals in the same way that the essenes did. What would it be like to live like an Essene in their times? Perhaps emulating their ways of life can get us a better understanding and a step closer to the process of Angelomorphism.

The first few of our days will be spent at a Villa like the one below in Tel Aviv where we can easily travel to onsite locations and have the speakers present their topics, and delve into the study of Angelomorphism. Whether it be healing, seeking the objective truth, a love for connection or if your seeking a way to bring out your best self so that you can contribute to a new world, or simply improve your personal life, the Raisel Retreat has something for you at all the different stages of your progress and we encourage and help each other thrive as we learn who we truly are as individuals, as a people and as a human race. We have decided to keep the retreat location private, as the topic of study involves quite sensitive information. Privacy and space is essential for this study. The Villa we will stay at will be quite similar to the one below with similar facilities. Those who purchase tickets will be picked up from the airport and taken to the location and then returned to the airport on the last day.

We will also have available near by rooms in a hotel for those who require more space or privacy for their stay. Both venues will be close to the coast serving great views of the coast line, for those of you who love the sea.

Raisel Retreats have been tailor made to accomadate you no matter your background and experience. We just ask that you bring along with you a sense of adventure and a will to teach, learn and experience something quite ancient as well as new. We hope to see you in Israel in October 2019 at the Raisel Retreat.

The Raisel Retreats will be hosted by Princess Elizabeth Seninde of the Buganda Kingdom who is a practicing Alchemist, Homeopathy Degree Student and Author of Royal Blood on British Land.

Elizabeth draws on her life experience from the performing arts and also her academic work in the quantum study of the body and the laboratory practices with Alchemy to put together a holistic retreat tailor made for the modern day individual with an ancient soul, using many ancient techniques.

Many know Elizabeth from The People's Health show she hosted in 2013-14 where she interviewed and connected with many health professionals on The Peoples Voice station at the request of David Icke, the multiple book seller and insperational personality. Elizabeth also worked closely with Miles Johnston creator of The Bases Project, who Producer of The People's Health. Since that time, Elizabeth has been on a quest to provide the best support to all those that came to her seeking help in their life journeys for various reasons. Raisel Retreats contain the treasures of that very purposeful quest.

We are also honored to announce that at the retreat we will be blessed to have beloved special guest speakers who will be bringing with them a wealth of wisdom and knowledge relevant to our study and wellbeing which will take place at The Raisel Conference at The Inga Hotel in the historic city of Jerusalem.

The Research

The Mason's believe that Solomon and David did not exist, possibly even that Christ did not exist. This information they got from the Knights Templar. This information opened their eyes so to speak to a new reality. The Church and the Monarchy never gave the Knights Templar any trouble of fear of this information being released, so they say, but in my opinion this is not exactly true. Solomon, David and Jesus did exist, but their bodies won't be found because of Angelomorphism and Angelmorphic pneumatology and binitarianism which will also be major points of study at the Raisel Retreats. What the Church and Monarchy were actually afraid of really being released is the real corruption that began the now Christian religion through the Roman empire and the real Royal genetic bloodline which resides in Africa. #raiselretreats Instead of delving into the study of Angelo Morphism and working towards it, the Mason's infact got good at demonology and demon possession. That information is valuable for those who care about the research, but Angelo Morphism is the only direction the human population should be focused on now, for our future. 

The reason why most of Jesus life was left out of the Bible is because they want to hide his humanness. The reason they want to hide this, is because they want everyone to believe that he existed in a state that's unattainable to the everyday human. Others who attained this state were called witches or wizards or gods and assigned to mythology to keep hidden what the human vessel is really capable of. We are soled dreams and fed manufactured conflicts so that we may stay on the hamster wheel of our own demise. Have we suffered enough yet? #angelomorphism #raiselretreats 

The Ark of the Covenant is a Throne. A teleportation device that is sat on. It is used to create a portal between this world and heaven because I understand there is a replica of this in other dimensions, so when we build it's twin, they become linked. That's why there is specific details on how to build it. A quantum phycisist can explain this process better I'm sure. In order for us to use it though, we must be pure. The covenant is the ways in which we can practice to purify ourselves. The Ark is what the purity allows us to access. The Ark is the gate, the portal to and from heaven. The Essenes had to build one of these in order to be in one to one communication with the angelic realm and to be able to visit all the different star systems that we commonly heard of in the new age movement. As I understand it though, once a human has achieved angelomorphism the ark is no longer needed. Within the Ark is monoatomic elements. If you pay attention to movies where teleportation devices are used, you will often see a white powder or hints of monoatomic elements as part of the process. You need free atoms to create matter which is suddenly going to occupy a space it was not occupying before. Other aspects of the ark other than gold are made of orgonite type materials where the crystals contribute towards the desired energies. Homeopathic potencies with remedies like "Holy Land" can also contribute towards setting the stage for the communion with light beings. The idea of immortality essentially came from Angelomorphism. Purifying ourselves is likened to the dissolved state a caterpillar goes through before it gets it's wings.  

This is a useful interview with Lars Muhl about the Essenes, Angelomorphism and how it's relevant today. 


I look forward to the day when we are gathered in Israel in friendship and respect where together we can walk the path of the ancients and watch the sun set over the Jerusalem night sky. I look forward to the stories we will tell over the night camp fire in the desert as the ancient stars stand watching above us. I look forward to seeing your faces when I present to you suprises and share with you some of the things that have blown my mind on my journey. I look forward to waking up and eating and walking with the angels, contemplating the angels, contemplating what a human can become, marvelling at the beauty of nature. I look forward to seeing the faces and feeling the souls I will be blessed to spend the week with. I look forward to the memories I will have from those moments on. I thank God for this adventure. Gosh, I'm just grateful that I get to look forward to it. I'm grateful that I get to make it real with like minded individuals. Everyone who has been supportive through my years of work and study in any little way, ultimately helped to make this a reality. I thank you. I love you. I see you.

Make sure to send an email to ormuscure@gmail.com before purchasing a ticket for the retreat to introduce your interest and so we can assure the group that will come together will work cohesively and to also make sure that we can cater as best as possible to your personal needs. 

Till then, be at peace, be in love and be aware. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Elizabeth Seninde

E.S Alchemy

Raisel Retreats

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