Testimonials of experience with E.S Alchemy Ormus


I am always overjoyed to hear how people benefit from taking monoatomic gold. My life has not been the same since i began making and taking Ormus. I believe that every household should have a bottle, if not just for their immune systems then for their plants and pets too. All my costumers are always happy with the quality and presentation and benefits they personally feel from taking it. Here are a few examples.


Irene Seninde - ''Ormus changed my life''




''Having had to have a blood transfusion replacing almost 4 units of blood, leaving me with a hb of 6.5 my energy levels were very low. I was given iron tablets by the doctors to help but i stll felt very tired. My sister introduced me to Ormus which was heaven sent. I started taking a tablespoon of ormus daily and i started to feel the results immediately. Being a mother of 3 young children, working long shifts as a nurse and running my own business, I needed as much energy as possible. Taking ormus gave me more energy than ever before. Me and my partner take ormus even for the common cold and it dissapears almost immediately, we havent bought any medication for a long time! My secret to a hang over, it taking ormus... ''


Irene Seninde








Anastasios Koranzopoulos - ''Healing my ibs and stomach pains and also relieving me of my stress!''

''I must say I am astounded at the positive effects the Ormus is having on me. I feel so at peace! I'm surprised at how well I am able to handle stressful situations I wasn't expecting this at all. I thought I would just be healing that pain in my stomach, which by the way is fading away by the day! I'm keeping my bottles next to my Orgonite pyramid, and using the same techniques Dr Masaru Emoto talks about to amplify the positive effects of the Ormus. Thank you again!
I think we have been in a similar situation prior to taking ormus, a lot has happened over the last couple years that had a negative effect on my stress levels, and I have been suffering with ibs symptoms too which I think was caused by the stress, but things seems to be balancing out now and the ormus was like the final piece of the puzzle :)''


Anastasios Koranzopoulos


Simon Ludgate - "every cell in my body was being revitalised and repaired"



''I had never heard of Ormus but being of a wizardly learning I was immediately captivated when Elizabeth started telling me about it.

Wait, let's back up here a little. The first time I met Elizabeth she was radiating so much love and energy I gave her a big hug! Her Ormus encourages much the same thing. I let the amazing bottle sit on my desk at work like something out of Alice Through The Looking Glass while I inspected its nature. It is a milky colour and the ingredients settle in the salt suspension after a while so it becomes transparent on the top and extra milky below. It seems to have a life, an intelligence almost. I know that isn't really possible but there is a sense that it has a DNA pattern to it.
After a few days of taking it a tablespoon at a time, I noticed a change in my energy and well, optimism levels. Instinctively I liked the taste and the strange sensation it caused as I took my daily dose. It's quite subtle but I felt as if every cell in my body was being revitalised and repaired. Like sealing a leaky car radiator somehow. It is not at all a "druggy" experience and you just know instinctively that something very good is happening. I would recommend this alchemist's potion unhesitatingly and writing this has reminded me I would like to repeat the process soon. Hint hint!''

Simon Ludgate